The news keeps flying fast, like an X-Wing chasing a Tie Fighter.  Jason and I run down the weekly news which was a lot this week.  We get a first look at the power disc pack and the first preview is of Tomorrowland disc.  After that we discuss the Ne Game Informer video showcasing Space Flight in Disney Infinity 3.0.  Next we talk about a series of FamilyGamerTV videos showing everything from the figures, to the new Toy Box Hub, Toy Box Takeover, and Toy Box Speedway.  Lastly we discuss this weeks Toy Box TV Live.  It was a great show all around.

We have a great round table with special guest once again on this weeks episode.  Roger and Abe from join me this week.  They give me an overview of the history of the DisKingdom site as well as their thoughts on Disney Infinity 3.0.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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