Jason joins me yet again this week.  We had a fun conversation about Infinity this week.  We start the week of with a Microsoft Hololens conversation.  Hololens is an AR device that may be the perfect accessory for Disney Infinity.  In a recent Engadget conversation, John Blackburn stated that Infinity may make perfect sense for a device like Hololens.  This sparks a healthy conversation with Jason and I about AR’s applicability with Infinity.  Next up we discuss some of the IP’s that Lucas Arts/Films has in it’s back catalog.   IP’s such as Howard the Ducks, and Secrets of Monkey Island.  Something Jason is very much a fan of.  In an article with Polygon, John Blackburn, and John Vignocchi discuss the relevancy of these types of IP’s and that they are not off the table for future versions of Disney Infinity.  It was a great conversation as we make our way to our 100th episode.  We hope you enjoyed this weeks episode of the Inside Infinity Podcast.


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