Inside Infinity 84 – and Infinity Inquirer

We have a few topics to discuss in the news section this week. First up we discuss Disney Infinity partnering up with, to get young people interested in coding. Using assets from Disney Infinity, young people can learn the basics of coding. We also briefly discuss the Disneyland Project, Adventureland and Frontierland challenge and winners. We also show off a new site the DITV crew is working on. It was a great show.

Inside Infinity 83 – Toy Box Tales

Lem and Jason and I talk about a few topics this week. The first episode of Toy Box Tales was released and we breakdown the story and gameplay of this fun new experience. We also discuss at length the Disneyland Project, and how said challenges are handled, and a few possible better ways to handle them. It was a fun show with lots of great discussion.

Inside Infinity 82 – Star Wars Celebration and Toy Box Collaboration

This week is light on news so it’s a round table only. Pirate Steven joins Jason and I as we discuss the likelihood of Disney Infinity 3.0 being announced at Star Wars Celebration in just a couple of weeks. We also talk about our experience collaborating on Toy Boxes for the Adventureland/Frontierland Challenge, as well as some tips for you to collaborate on Toy Boxes. It was a fun show with great conversation.

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Inside Infinity 81 – Infinity on Mobile and NA Exclusive Power Disc

This week was busy. We talk briefly about this weeks releases of Loki and Falcon. We also talk about the confirmation and controversy of the last 2 power disc, also arriving this week. We also talk about an update to the iOS app which brought with it, controller support. Lastly we talk about a tweet which shows Disney Infinity 2.0 running on an Android device. It was a fun week with lots of news to talk about.

Inside Infinity 80 – Mulan in Infinity and the Final 2 Power Disc

Jason and I discuss lots of news this week. First up, it looks like we finally have a release date for the final two Powerdisc. The Ultimate Falcon disc, and Team-Up Captain Marvel disc, look to be released on March 24, along with the Loki and Falcon figures. We also talk about yet another custom Figure Case, this time it’s Captain America. Disney Infinity 2.0 was finally released for Windows 8. We also discussed the rumor that Mulan may be included in Disney Infinity 3.0. It was a great show with all of this and more.

Disney Infinity Theme Parks Episode 03

Steve and Will have another great show. On this episode we finish main street and get to the partner statue and the compass rose. We also discuss a few of the differences between Sleepy Beauty’s Castle, and Cinderella’s Castle. We mention the restaurant “Plaza Inn”, and lastly we discuss park specific unlocks using Magic band and other items.

Disney Infinity Theme Parks is a series focusing on bringing the magic of Disney Infinity to the Disney parks.

Inside Infinity 79 – Disney Infinity On the Vita & Round Table

Welcome back to another week of Infinity news. On this weeks Podcast, Lloyd and I discuss the news of the week. Items of note this week is Falcon and Loki’s release across the Pond, which also brings with it, our first legitimate look at the Ultimate Unlock for having all of the figures. We also discussed new details about the Disney Infinity 2.0 Vita version, which rumors suggest includes a premium price and a release date of May 15th. Time will tell though and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more info is released.

Disney Infinity Theme Parks Episode 2

Steve C. and I are back at it again with Episode 2. In this episode we discuss a bit about opening day, and the initial presentation and tickets of Disneyland. We discuss the front gates, the Train Station, Main Street Vehicles, Walt’s apartment and more. Let us know what you think about this weeks show in the comments below.

Disney Infinity Theme Parks 01

Welcome to the latest addition of Disney Infinity TV. Steve C. and I embark on a new show combining two of our favorite things. The Disney Theme Parks and Disney Infinity. This first season is going to focus on parts of Disneyland. This first episode is an introduction to the show as well as essentially just the entrance of Disneyland. We hope you enjoy it, and comment to let us know what in this episode you’d want to see more of in Infinity.

Come back next week for episode 2.

Inside Infinity 76 – Trongate and The Disneyland Project

Jason and I are starting to get back into the longer form content. This week was filled with head scratchers, head bangers, and head bowers. We had good, bad, and ugly, and it sparked a healthy discussion. We talk briefly about the Target Stitch collectors edition releasing this week. We also talk about the Green Goblin patch. Next up we talk about the big news of a serialized story coming from the Toy Box Mentors soon. A series of Toy Boxes released on a schedule with a singular story arc. Next up, perhaps the biggest news of the week, Jason has another one of his famous rants about #Trongate! And last but not least we go in depth on the recently announced Disneyland Project.

Inside Infinity 75 – Disney Infinity 2.0 iOS

Lloyd is back on this weeks show. Sparks a healthy discussion of this weeks news. We also discuss the monthly giveaway, which is a custom Evilos painted Crystal Sorcerer Mickey. We discuss Disney Infinity’s presence at this years D.I.C.E summit. An industry summit that is a “gathering the brightest and most creative minds dedicated to exploring approaches to the creative process and artistic expression as they uniquely apply to the development of interactive entertainment.” We also discuss the Collector Editions of Nick Fury and Rocket Raccoon, as well as the release of Jasmine and the Jasmin/Aladdin two pack. Lastly Lloyd and I break down our thoughts of the Disney Infinity 2.0 iOS app. All this and more on Episode 75 of the Inside Infinity Podcast.

Inside Infinity 74 – Ultimate Unlock and HoH Unlock

Steve C. joins me on this weeks show. We have a fun discussion about the weekly news. We talk about Green Goblins Glider coming in a patch in February. Next we talk about Disney Infinity 2.0 releasing this week on January 29th for iOS. After this it’s on to the spoils. First spoil is the Disney Originals 2.0 Hall of Heroes unlock. Lastly we discuss the Ultimate Unlock that was accidentally leaked in a officially released developer Toy Box. All this and more on episode 74 of the Inside Infinity podcast.

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