This week, we go to the worlds of the classic Mickey Mouse Shorts and Pirates of the Caribbean in Kingdom Hearts II. We journey into Jason’s favorite world of Kingdom Hearts – Timeless River. The Black and white visuals and the mono sound were just unique as the game takes us back to where it all begins. We even go into Disney’s stance on smoking, as this part of the game has our only tobacco reference. After we go nostalgic, we go modern (at the time of this game’s release) as we enter Port Royale to get the realistic human looks of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. And No one in this world questions why there is an anamorphic dog and duck fighting pirates. We also discuss all the region’s edits in this version, as Japan kept the scenes closer to the movie, while the US saw some cuts to keep it that E rating. And, we also talk about what we feel are Kingdom Hearts’ drinking habits!

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