We have something new here on the Nintendo Pulse Podcast feed, Crossing Animals, our new podcast series all about Animal Crossing. This series will contain interviews, game chat, some news, and generally will be a way for the REZDtv community to talk about their love for this franchise.

I’m super excited for this game. I’m also very excited to play coop with my family, friends and REZDtv community.

I’m not 100% sure on a release schedule for this special edition podcast series yet, so stay let us know what you think of the idea. What would you want this show to cover? Would you want to be involved? Let us know! We also have a Crossing Animals channel on our Community Discord if you would like to chat or get involved!

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The Intro/outro theme used for this podcast is Bassa Island Game Loop by Kevin MacLeod.

Contact Info

Call and leave a voicemail! (505) 847-6322
Twitter: Follow Dasme Follow REZDtv
Email: feedback@rezd.tv

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