The 3DS is coming! Edgar and I are here to give you the lowdown on the big Nintendo press conference that happened earlier this week. Loads of great info was released AND leaked. I can tell you now, I’m extremely excited for the 3DS now, March 27th/2011 won’t be here quick enough! We did this as a live show over at and had a blast, thanks to all who came out for the show! This will be the norm here on the VGPodcasts Network, so stay tuned for more.

As mentioned in the episode, make sure to leave us a voice mail with your thoughts on pre-ordering a 3ds, and what games you’ll be picking up on day one.

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  1. Nintendo most likely didn’t refuse to support MP3 on the DSi because of perversity. Mp3 is patented and they would have had to pay patent royalties to use it.

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