In this news heavy episode of the Pulse Edgar and I talk more about the Nintendo 3DS, can you tell that we are pumped for this device? We wrap up the latest news including some big claims from Namco Bandai, potential Street Fighter DLC details, Reggie damning the $.99 app craze and the Conduit! We hope you enjoy the episode, talk to you all next week! Also, thanks to all of the folks who showed up for the live stream. It’s awesome to have suce awesome fans!

As mentioned in the episode, make sure to leave us a voice mail with your thoughts on pre-ordering a 3ds, and what games you’ll be picking up on day one.

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  1. Hi, I am bothering to comment even if no-one else is. Now I’m a very big fan of the racing genre and was thinking that although there are two racing games coming to 3DS they will probably be just all aesthetics and no substance so my question is what other games would you like to see on the 3DS and any racing specific ones?
    Anyway thanks, love the new sight and album artwork, keep going with the show and hope this gets read out.

    PS- I wont be pre-odering my 3DS because I’m waiting for my birthday.

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