Here is your Nintendo Pulse! First off we have a bit of an announcement for the show, we are as of this episode moving to a bi-weekly release schedule. So you’ll get 2 episodes a month instead of the normal 3-4. We will continue this for the next few months until we are closer to the WiiU launch. Think of it as a summer break for Edgar and I.

Don’t let the reduced release schedule fool you, this episode is STUFFED with awesome nintendo talk! We have news on Mario, the 3DS circle Pad, new Club Nintendo awesomeness (for the UK sadface), and even some fresh Wii U rumours! We hour you enjoy the show, be sure to let us know in the comments section!


Show Notes

What We Are Playing

  • Lloyd Hannesson: Diablo III, Walking Dead
  • Edgar Furse: Pushmo


Contact Info

Call and leave a voicemail! (505) VGPODCAsts
Twitter: Follow Dasme

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