Welcome to the birth of a new temporary podcast name, the Nintendo Pulse! Nintendo Pulse is our new name for the combined DS:Life and WiiSpot podcasts. As things slow down prior to new system launches Edgar and I thought it was important to combine the shows so we would have something to report on! If you already subscribe to the DS:Life or WiiSpot podcasts, no worries.. you will just start getting these episodes.

We’ll see about what will happen in the future… this podcast may stay, or go away, but it’s something to listen to in the interim! :)

Contact Info

Call and leave a voicemail! (323) 284-6721
Twitter: Follow Dasme
Email: dslifepodcast @ gmail.com


  1. glad to see both show together. Good decision ! We want to hear from you every week !!

  2. Thanks for the podcast guys. I’ve been following DSLife since #3 so even as the system wither on the vine, it’s great to still hear your thoughts. The memories of the heyday of DS games and game errors (Starfox)and Bratz titles still stick with me. The DS was my go to system when my kids were little and it was great to have the podcast to support that passion.

    Thanks for all the work you do on the podcasts.

  3. Man ! You’re simply the best out there for doing podcasting on nintendo. Hope you will do it more often !

  4. Nintendo pulse is an awesome name.  Edgar had good points about Sony’s move, but don’t you think you will look like a tool waving it around?  I can’t get over the giant ball that changes color.  Not saying the wii us much different, but it doesn’t have a girlly ball at the top.

    Would love to join you in Japan for the 30th.


  5. Happy Birthday Lloyd! here is your cool new tote bag,


    SOLD OUT. Wawawa…


  6. Thanks for all of the love on the show guys. We stumbled out of the starting block, but Nintendo Pulse will be starting back up with weekly shows this coming Saturday! Check out the Hello 2011 post for more details on the live show!

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