With Edgar out for his 4th of July celebrations, Trevor Whatman joins me to discuss the latest Nintendo news! We chat about the Nintendo Club Gold/Platinum rewards, DSi Firmware, Bethesda, Cooking Mama and more!

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  1. Are you going to start doing a video for every show?

  2. Hi Michael,

    That is the plan yes. Working towards adding a video podcast feed as well so you can watch or listen to the show as you want :)

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  3. While I agree its a little silly that Ocarina of Time 3D is the third or fourth release of the game, I think that 3D is a really nice tribute to a game many fondly remember. Much better than Mario’s 25th, if you ask me. Plus, while it may be hard for us old timers to appreciate, there is an entire younger generation that has never experienced Ocarina, and this provides an easy entry point. Face it, if you showed a kid the VC version, they’d straight up tell you it looks like crap. Personally I would never have experienced Link to the Past had it not been for the Gameboy Advance Port, which the Gamestop guy recommended to my folks when they bought me mine.

    Just a note. I typed this all on my 3DS. I’m actually digging this browser. It may be no frills, but it moves faster than Safari does on my 3G.

  4. Another thought (apparently I have a lot more to say than I remembered), Nintendo HAS released new IP, but after they brought over Japanese First Party games and concepts and had them fail saleswise,(ie Elite Beat Agents, Starfy,) I dont entirely blame them for not being in a rush to port Last Story, Xenoblade, and Pandora’s Tower over here. Localization for these big games isn’t cheap. Here’s hoping Xenoblade does well in Europe so we can have a chance to play these games.

    I would have written this in an email, but yours doesn’t seem to work. I’ve sent you guys a bunch of mail, but you guys never have any feedback. Just something you might wanna look into.

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