We are back, and we are imploring Nintendo to #SaveOurSaves! On this week’s episode of the Nintendo Pulse podcast we are talking about Zelda Remix ideas, Xenoblade gets a huge patch next week, changes to the Gold Coin program and more! Enjoy the show!

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  1. Daniel Brennan

    This is, quite simply, an outstanding podcast. It is consistently relevant and interesting and always something I look forward to. I really appreciate the time and effort it takes to create new episodes with quality content and opinion that I enjoy and digest with pleasure. The critique is well informed, the humor is natural and timely and the information is usually just right. I will add my support for cloud saves or backing up saves. It is unacceptable, in 2018, to not have the ability to back up my hard earned game saves. My friend lost his 200+ hour game save when his switch went bad. They replaced his Switch, but no game save! We also need more compilations for some older games series since we do not seem to be getting a virtual console. You mentioned Banjo K, which is nice. Where is the Fire Emblem compilation cartridge to hold us over until they finally release the new Fire Emblem game? Would it really be that hard to release some of the GB Advance titles, for example? Nintendo could throw us a bone and release some of the Japan only releases. I really don’t care about the Neo Geo games, and I don’t know who does, but I guess those must be super cheap and easy to publish.

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