It’s LABO release week, and while your hosts aren’t LABOing it up we do talk about the new Nintendo Product. In this episode we review the awesome retro beat-em-up Streets of Red and get into all of the latest news! Enjoy the show!

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  1. Brandon H.

    Love the show as always guys. I gotta say though that I’m afraid you’re both missing out on something truly great in Labo. I’m in my mid-30s, have a family and run my own business but I currently wish I could make Labo all day. It’s so extremely satisfying to solve the puzzles of creativity that Nintendo has created. My kid loves it but I would be making these even without a child in the house. And the software is much more in depth than I expected. There are creative ways to store the creations too and I actually prefer these to the plastic ware that used to fill my house. It’s more personal because I made it. So guys, check it out sooner than later. It’s just so darn impressive and fun.

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