Some say that Nintendo won E3 again this year, listen in to see what WE say! It’s no doubt that Nintendo was firing on all cylinders. The hype coming into theis presser revolving around their new console was crazy, but Nintendo showed off more than just the Wii U (yeah….). Loads of 3DS games were also hilighted giving us gamers hope that their $250 handheld would again be used. Listen in to see what Edgar and I have to say about all of this, and Nintendo’s new console the Wii U.

This is also the first VGPodcasts episode that we also recorded in video form! Unfortunately until Youtube allows me to post videos greater then 15 mins, it’s broken up into 4 chunks. If you would like to assist us in fixing this, please watch the video on youtube, like and comment on the show. It will also help if you subscribe to the VGPodcast channel on youtube. All of that will help to list this limitation making these videos better in the future.

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