You seemed to love the new format, so here we are with the Nintendo Pulse episode #2! IN this episode we talk at length about the Nintendo 3DS and our thoughts on it’s future, talk about Netflix hitting Canada, the Wii Remote Plus leak was real, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and Banana Hammocks. We hope you dig the episode, catch you in one week’s time!

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  1. Hey Lloyd, I have good news if you have not heard. we in the U.S. of A have a Wii Channel that is Netflix. meaning you no longer have to Leave the Disc in the console to play your beloved Sponge Boy me Bob. lol I hope you get that one. LOL banana hammock was funny stuff. you said banana way too many times. I will be most interested in the 3D street fighter and a Pokemon 3D game. Do you believe as I do that they may move towards Apps in this up coming console the 3DS. it seems only natural now, and if you are a Dev. you would want to play with 3D for all apps and not only games. what are your thoughts?

    P.S. you mentioned that Nintendo has made it possible to move your games from DSi to other consoles through some login process. Yeah I am going to toot my own horn, But after the DSi XL came out in America I had a long phone call with Nintendo of America explaining that I was a 3 time Platinum member of Nintendo Club and that they should create a system in which your downloaded titles could be accessed and redownloaded to all of your consoles and moved around. I had first realized the obvious when I looked at my account online and saw that my virtual titles are all ONLINE already and it would be just a matter of programming to tether the account to my system through the magic of Wi-fi. Anyway I am happy to hear that I am not the only one to have this thought… and if I was I want some credit, LOL. Thanks for your show as always!
    your Loyal fan!


  2. Yeah, I gotta agree, a Pokemon game using the augmented reality cards (possibly incorporating this tech into New PKMN cards) could show your pokemon on the top screen battling in 3D on your desk while you issue your commands with the touch screen. This may be impractical for use at ALL times, but maybe for local battles against friends this could be useful.

    By the way, whats up with the break in episodes? I was so glad to see SOMETHING posted by you guys, even if it was *shiver* XMB cast. But I WANT ME SOME NINTENDO!

    Anyhoo, I am SO INCREDIBLY SUPER EXTREMELY TOTALLY AWESOMELY CRAZILY PSYCHED for Megaman Legends 3 … I just hope it wasn’t the reason Keiji Inafune left Capcom…

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