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DS:Life Episode #032

Happy August everybody! The summer is quickly coming to a close, and for everybody but us gamers that’s a bad thing. For us it means that an onslaught of great games are coming just in time for winter!

In this episode we talk about all of the big news from E3 (yes, I realize we are late to the party on this one), Peggle for the DS, Grand Theft Auto, R4 Lawsuits, Grand Theft Auto, Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades and GRAND THEFT AUTO (Ok, all that’s been released is the logo, we talked about that.)

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #026

Another week, another live show (well.. we didn’t do one last week due to holidays, but you get the point). Edgar and I get together to talk about all things Wii live with a studio audence (sorta). In this episode we talk about some pre-E3 […]

DS:Life Episode #031

DS:Life Podcast is back with another live show recording. Things went much smoother this time, and I didn’t say WiiSpot in the intro… yay! ;) We focused mainly on some pre-E3 announcements and speculated on what else could be announced. Other topics discussed include Buffy […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #025

We are back with a new episode of the Podcast for your listening pleasure! We recorded this one last Saturday, but due to some Canada Day festivities I couldn’t get it edited and released until today! We recorded this one live and it was […]

DS:Life Episode #030

It’s another DS:Life Podcast live show recording. Yes, even though I said Wiispot in the intro, this is infact the DS:Life podcast :) In this episode we talk about Izuna and her assets, the rumour of Metal Slug 7 hitting the US is a rumour […]

DS:Life Episode #029

Welcome to the first live DS:Life podcast recorded on Saturday the 14th of June! It was a fun show, and it was awesome seeing and talking with all of you that made the trek out! All in all we had about 35-40 people pop into […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #024

We are back with the WiiSpot podcast, and this one is a special one. This is the first live video show that Edgar and I have done! While recording the podcast we were live on cam at Stickam and had a small group of listeners […]

DS:Life Episode #028

Hey guys, we’re back with some more DS goodness for your ears. In this episode we talk about Twitter and Wii Fit, but never fret we love the DS so spend a lot of time talking about that too :) We chat about The World […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #023

Welcome to out WiiWare Extravaganza! In this episode we talk about all of the WiiWare titles that have been released, along with my impressions on 3 of them, talk about Boom Blox a fair bit, forget to talk about Wii Fit and briefly cover the […]

DS:Life Episode #027

In the wake of some huge releases on the consoles, we are here to chat about our favorite little hand held the DS. I have to admit though, we do end up talking a bit about GTA IV. In this episode we talk about Nintendo’s […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #022

After some serious server issues we are back. While this episode was recorded on Saturday and edited that night, the WordPress install that I use here was hacked. Seems I forgot to patch this blog… oops. The important thing is that we are back, and […]

DS:Life Episode #026

Howdy all, we are back with another episode of the DS:Life podcast! In this episode we talk about a lot of new game info from Japan, discuss the rumours of a new DS coming at E3, experience some technical difficulties and of course answer some […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #021

We are here with an end of week episode of the WiiSpot Podcast. Edgar and myself talk about the news coming from the Nintendo Media Summit, chat about WiiWare and we even have a 60 second review and some listener email for you! We love […]

DS:Life Episode #025

Hello listeners. We are back with another episode of the DS:Life podcast! There was a bit of a delay in getting this file up, we recorded this past Saturday, but we hope you’ll forgive us when you give it a listen. In this episode we […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #020

Welcome to our Smash Brothers Brawl mega-show. We get into a big discussion of all of the strengths and weaknesses of this fine game. Here is a spoiler, we like it. We also take some time out from gushing about Smash Bros. to talk about […]