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DS:Life Holiday Gift Guide 2007

Hey guys, the DS:Life podcast is proud to bring to you our holiday gift guide 2007! Contained in this podcast are 11 games that we adore and a pile of DS accessories too. We wanted to make a podcast that could easily be burned to […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #016

We are back with another episode of the podcast! We were delayed for quite some time due to the birth of my daughter, Alyssa on September 18th! In this episode we talk about the latest Wii games that have been released, Smash Bros Brawl, […]

DS:Life Episode #022

Babies have an unpredictable way about them, and so do computers. Either way we are back with another episode of the DS:Life. After a short (!!) hiatus we are back to sling all of the DS love that you can handle. In this episode we […]

DS:Life Episode #020

We are back with a new episode of the DS:Life podcast. See, you didn’t have to wait 6 weeks this time ;) In this episode we chat about Drawn to Life, go over some of the news from Quakecon, mention a couple new games that […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #014

Welcome to Episode #014 of the Wiispot Podcast. In this episode we are playing a little bit of catchup on all of the great Wii news that has come out over the last little while. More specifically, we chat about E3, Smash Bros. updates, Some […]

DS:Life Episode #019

We have a great new DS:Life podcast for your listening pleasure. We have lots of old and lots of very new news to talk about in this episode. Highlights include a full E3 rundown, chat about quakecon, some new accessories to chat about, and something […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #013

Ugh. I love doing this show with Edgar; we get along, have similar tastes, and mesh well. Sadly we live about 3,400 KM/2,100 Mi from each other. This means that we have to do the show over the interweb. When we have schedules as hectic […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #012

Coming in just shy of an hour, we bring you the podcast episode #012! Besides the long review of Mario Party 8 that I bring you late into the podcast, we have loads of news to talk about. Highlights include a Portable Wii system, […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #011

You can all breathe a sigh of relief, this is the last of our WiiSpot backlog of recordings! Starting from this weekend, using our new recording setup since there have been no negative comments, we will be back with REGULAR episodes.. Yay! Anyways, in this […]

DS:Life Episode #018

I said we’d be back in a few days, and I did not want to disappoint. Enjoy episode #018! With this episode we are now caught up on previous recordings, and will be recording a new one this weekend to get you guys some fresh […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #010

We are catching up from a backlog of recordings. Good news is that we have changed the way we re doing these due to our tech difficulties of late. Expect a couple releases really quickly for the DS and Wii podcasts! In this episode we […]

DS:Life Episode #017

A little late, but we hope you’ll forgive us… DS:Life episode #017 is here! We are currently nursing some MAJOR technical difficulties, and have had to delay the releases by quite a bit. We have a new recording method in place since this show was […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #009

Our terrible luck with technology continues in this episode of the podcast. The last 20 mins or so of this episode was lost due to some file corruption that Edgar suffered, but don’t worry! All the good stuff made it into this great 46 […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #008

WiiSpot number eight is here and ready to roll. Wait, do podcasts move? Hmm. Anyways… In this episode we chat about XFire to work wit Wii devs?, some new games for the Wii like Nights and a horse ride Sim, GameSpot boss acuses Nintendo of […]

DS:Life Episode #016

In this episode we talk about Sega and Nintendo together… like on the same team, Ninja Gaiden coming to the DS!!, Monster rancher DS bound and also make mention of Namco Museum. It’s a great show, hope you guys enjoy it! So until next time, […]