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PSP Podcast #19

Lots of news, including some website news… Mr. Smiley is back with a pair of Boxwave reviews, and my Mini-Game review of Metal Gear AC!D is complete. All that and a great episode of the Scene, how could you go wrong? While you are listening […]

PSP Podcast #18

We have lots of news for you guys this week, both release news and news on new homebrew releases. Mrsmiley is back again with a set of cool mobile entertainment reviews, you’ll have to listen to find out what I mean ;) And last but […]

PSP Podcast #17

It’s review time! Mrsmiley is back with a great Mega-Review of various screen protectors for your PSP. I do a couple of mini-reviews on some Brando products. The PSP Light Magnifier and the Rechargable Grip are on the review block for this week. Last but […]

PSP Podcast #16

We have a shorter episode for you this week… I chat a bit about Wipeout Pure and the North American 2.0 firmware update. I do a mini-hardware review of the Nyko Charger Case and Cyko95 is back with another Quick Hits. As always, Cara has […]

PSP Podcast #15.5 is here!

I hinted at the end of #15 that I had a sppecial announcement to make in the coming days, and here it is! Today I would like to announce the launch of a new PSP website. Don’t worry though, this site will not replace […]

PSP Podcast #15

It’s firmware 2.0 review time! It’s coded arms reviews time! It’s the scene time! It’s announce that there is a special announcement coming soon time… ;) If you would like to give it a listen you can either download it directly [mp3 36min 16.5mb], or […]

PSP Podcast #14

PSP Podcast #14 is here, on time and with no screwups! :) It’s a news week. I chat a bit about Wipeout Pure’s Gamma pack 3 and some great homebrew games that have been released lately. Cara is also back with an episode of the […]

PSP Podcast #13

Here is episode #13, and a day early! I welcome my new staff members… Do a Mini game review of Dead to Rights… New staff member cyko95 is here with the first episode of “Quick Hits”. And last but not least… Cara is here with […]

PSP Podcast #12

We have a long episode for you this week. I chat a little bit about the pirated games that are being played, and cover some of the other homebrew. I review Midnight Club 3:Dub edition and MrSmiley is back with a great review of the […]

PSP Podcast #11

We cover a huge amount of news this week including more wipeout pure news, chatting about Sony and their lawsuits and all the latest and greatest homebrew. Cara is back with the Scene as well. PGR is looking for some staff. Interested in reporting on […]

PSP Podcast #10

I chat a little bit about the latest news, a new 1.5 Exploit and more UMD movies are coming down the pipe. I do a mini hardware review of the Brando PSP AirForm UMD case and of course Cara is back with another great episode […]

PSP Podcast #9

We delayed this one because of the reported release of the homebrew hack for firmware version 1.5 PSPs. Well it came out and it works! I talk about some of the latest hardware reviews that I’ve done as well. We have our first guest reviewer, […]

PSP Podcast #8

We are a little late with this one, but we are late for a good reason that you can hear about if you listen to the podcast :) I cover the latest news, remind you all that the Logo Contest is ALMOST OVER! You have […]

PSP Podcast #7.5

This is a special edition weekend of the PSP Podcast. I’m making up for last weeks recording screw up and getting all the news I wanted to give you last week, including the Rengoku review! :) If you would like to give it a listen […]

PSP Podcast #7

We have a long podcast for you this week. I chat a bit about the logo contest, review the Intec starter kit in my first mobile podcast, and Cara is back for another episode of the Scene! I had much more planned but some technical […]