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iOS Pulse #023 – Path Pix

We are back with iOS Pulse #23, yes I realize I intro’d the show as 22.. chalk that one up to being rusty :) In this episode Jared brings you his review of Path Pix, a cool little puzzler! Play in new window | […]

iOS Pulse #022 – Princess Punt

Jared is here this episode to bring you his review of Princess Punt, a Angry Birds physics like RPG title with HEAVY IAP. Neither of use seemed to like it, but wanted to let you know so that you wouldn’t waste your time! Enjoy the […]

Nintendo Pulse #026 – Crush 3D

This week we bring you all the latest news on the Wii U, NPD sales, million selling games and more! Audio Show Notes What We Are Playing Lloyd Hannesson: Crush 3D, Resident Evil: Revelations Edgar Furse: Mario Kart 7, Find Mii 2 Notable Releases Kid […]

iOS Pulse #020 – Snoticles

Jared is here to bring you his review of the physics puzzler, Snoticles. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | RSS | More