The new audio equipment is finally here! We hope it sounds as good for you as it sounds to me :) In this podcast we have some news items for you, I review EXIT, and finally Cara is here with The Scene. She talks about Syphon Filter, and if her preview doesn’t get you interested in that title. Well.. than you must not like FPS ;)

Oh, we also give you listeners a bit of homework at the end of the episode, so get to it!

If you would like to give it a listen you can either download it [directly [mp3 41min 19mb], or subscribe to the podcast RSS feed in your favorite aggregator.


  1. Homework??! i have tons of homework from school :D cant wait iam dowloading it now
    i hope my qustion was answered :D

  2. aww no mailbag this time? :(

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