We have a great episode of the Rewind for you guys this week. There is a lot of news and homebrew releases to report on this week for a change. As a special treat Cara sits in for the episode, enjoy!

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If you would like to give it a listen you can either download it [directly [mp3 23min 10mb], or subscribe to the podcast RSS feed in your favorite aggregator.


Game releases for the week: From Russia with Love, Bust a Move Deluxe, Cabela’s Dangerous Hunt and Ultimate Challenge.

We talk about:

  • Flixpo adds PSP Service – http://flixpo.com/
  • The Death of the UMD. Sony releasing a UMD to TV converter
  • Lumines 2 to be shown at E3.. WE CAN’T WAIT
  • PSP Xtreme Mag Issue 10
  • Quake 2.0+ released with infrastructure and ad-hoc multiplayer support
  • Homebrew Locator v1.4 – Automagically download homebrew to your PSP
  • eLoader c0.9.7 “Bock” released – This version ads better networking support.

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  1. BlackShark


  2. The link doesnt work it just keeps on dragging

  3. Ok, I tested the link and it appears to be working now. Not sure what is up with my file host. Try again and let me know if you have any issues

  4. Please. Not to be a jerk but review Cabelas dangerous hunts. Im not shure if i should get it.

  5. Well i wanted 2 say i love the podcast alot i wanted 2 ask u 2 things i need help i dont kno how 2 put MP4 movies on my psp and i one more i cant get on 2 Xbox live and i got my 360 2 i try and it said i cant find DNS i got pass the IP i put that in my self and if i put it on auto it will not find any thing i would love if u can help me a lot thx i kno i am late but i hope u have a BOY Lol well thx for the help get back 2 me asap thx again Bye

  6. http://www.pspvideo9.com download in onto ur computer. it can convert &move any video onto ur psp & its free!

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