Here, as promised is my Weekend Review Wrapup. Reviews in this episode are Virtua Tennis World Tour and SSX: On Tour. I chat a bit about the listings I’ve received on PSP-Vault and Thanks guys for listing the podcasts!

If you would like to give it a listen you can either download it [directly [mp3 30min 14mb], or subscribe to the podcast RSS feed in your favorite aggregator.


  1. Hey, just listning to the lastest podcast – Great Work by the way
    you mentioned about not many developers making games with infrastructure mode; i just thought i would say that i have recently picked up fifa 2006 the soccer game; again another EA creation. They have infrastructure mode on the game and it is fantastic!!! The lounge is through EA nation and it is a really cool setup its really easy to setup and you can get gaming within minutes. If you could please mention this game on your next podcast or give me a shoutout!! i know soccer isnt really a great american or canadian sport but its a really cool game and you have a big UK audiance that would like to know about it!!

  2. Yeah from what ive heard it works really well :)

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