Here is the “missing” podcast #27! This week we bring you a review of X-Men Legends 2 and Cara chimes in with a preview of Ghost in the Shell and Legend of Heroes!

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  1. For my part, I was thoroughly let down by the multiplayer mode in XMEN Legends II. Seeing the gamespy online interfact was promising, but then experiencing solely the single player experience online…it was less than I had hoped for.

    No Buddy/Online friends system? No chat features?

    The single player experience is worth the $$$, but will SOMEONE please do a PSP online game justice???

    -Jason, who is frothing at the mouth for GTA.

  2. Yep, unfortunatly there is no chat or buddy system. I am REALLY hoping that Sony gets off their ass and creates a global XBOX live-like online system for their platforms. I mean letting their developpers go their own way is nice for a developpment standpoint, but we the consumers pay the price for that.

    Games like X-Men have a quick jump in feature because you are not required to signup for an online account… which is nice. Other games go the other way and make you go through the hassle of remembering account info, logging in etc.

    A PSP-Live system would make this all go away.

  3. Right you are. What baffles me is the ease of which a developer can “tack on” the gamespy tools, which is exactly what Vicarious Visions did at the last minute. And yet a total lack of features..

    I totally agree with ya there. Sony implements a universal XboxLive type initiative and the PSP will start living up to it’s promise. Good food for thought.

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