Podcast #31 is now available for download. In this catchup podcast I talk a bit about the website, review both the SOCOM Mic and Infected, and Cara is here with a great preview of WWE RAW vs. Smackdown. Look for another episode later this week covering more news and reviews.

If you would like to give it a listen you can either download it [directly [mp3 34min 16mb], or subscribe to the podcast RSS feed in your favorite aggregator.


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  1. God we finally get it and they is only 31 minutes

  2. i mean 34 minutes

  3. Feel free to go elsewhere.. or create something yourself. This is a hobby, not a job.

  4. Wow, how unappreciative. :|

    You know, he DOESN’T have to make these.

  5. Thats sad brian… good job dasme. keep them comming :)

  6. My thoughts exactly on the being unappreciative. Keep em coming Dasme, you have the best PSP Podcast on the net =)

  7. the only PSP Podcast on the net iam sure but anyways very good i might get Infected when i get my psp if i do thats is………

  8. hey brian, havent u ever heard the term, short but sweet? well this podcast will be the best one yet, with it being a short one :-D

  9. so far listened to the first 2 (but downloaded the whole bunch) on my psp – I love it! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! I’ll be listening to the rest of the 30 some odd pod casts on my way to work.

  10. Brand new listener…love the show. It’s nice hearing someone actually admitting the PSP headset exists…I saw very very little about it in mainstream PSP news before I bought mine. I agree that the headphones are slightly small for a full-grown man. A note for those in Socom: look for rooms called “Mics Only” or such…you’ve have a blast. I got my mic last night and ended up playing for about 3 hours in one room.

    Viva Podcast

  11. hey!, where did u get ur psp headset for 20 dollars in Canada?

  12. wow i was listening to this on my psp wow

  13. This was my first podcast from PG Revolution. Very nice work Loyyd. i’ll be checking your show out now. It sure helps block out the carpool bity’s chatter. Thanks so much for a quality program.

  14. Great job. They are excellent and for those of you they aren’t appreciative go do your own podcasts….. I think they are great!

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