No you read that right, this is podcast #45! We felt that all of our .5 episodes and special editions were getting a bit confusing, so we added them all together and found that this episode is #45! It was a nice round number so we went with it, so here you go!

We have lots of news for you this week, most coming from the Konami Gamers’ Day that went on last week. Not to focus only on news I bring you a review of Ape Escape Academy and the Madcatz Retracto Pak. And as a special treat we have some listener submitted reviews for you this week: Randy brings us a review of the Logitech Playgear Visor, and William rings in with a review of the game PQ.

If you would like to give it a listen you can either download it [directly [mp3 45min 22mb], or subscribe to the podcast RSS feed in your favorite aggregator.


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