Inside Infinity 76 – Trongate and The Disneyland Project

Jason and I are starting to get back into the longer form content. This week was filled with head scratchers, head bangers, and head bowers. We had good, bad, and ugly, and it sparked a healthy discussion. We talk briefly about the Target Stitch collectors edition releasing this week. We also talk about the Green Goblin patch. Next up we talk about the big news of a serialized story coming from the Toy Box Mentors soon. A series of Toy Boxes released on a schedule with a singular story arc. Next up, perhaps the biggest news of the week, Jason has another one of his famous rants about #Trongate! And last but not least we go in depth on the recently announced Disneyland Project.

Inside Infinity 75 – Disney Infinity 2.0 iOS

Lloyd is back on this weeks show. Sparks a healthy discussion of this weeks news. We also discuss the monthly giveaway, which is a custom Evilos painted Crystal Sorcerer Mickey. We discuss Disney Infinity’s presence at this years D.I.C.E summit. An industry summit that is a “gathering the brightest and most creative minds dedicated to exploring approaches to the creative process and artistic expression as they uniquely apply to the development of interactive entertainment.” We also discuss the Collector Editions of Nick Fury and Rocket Raccoon, as well as the release of Jasmine and the Jasmin/Aladdin two pack. Lastly Lloyd and I break down our thoughts of the Disney Infinity 2.0 iOS app. All this and more on Episode 75 of the Inside Infinity Podcast.