Inside Infinity 99 – The Retrospective

It’s been 99 amazing episodes and in this one we celebrate. Some of the shows longest friends are on this week joining Jason and I, including, Lloyd, Steven C., Pirate Steven. We reminisce about the last 2 years of doing shows together, and talk about some of our favorite and least favorite shows. Spoiler alert, they are all our favorite. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane as much as we enjoyed it and we look forward to the next two years, and 100 shows spent with you.

Inside Infinity 97 – The 3.0 Release Date and D23

Jason and I have a blast this episode. We discuss the release date announcement. We also talk about our plans, along with those of Disney Infinity at D23. We speculate on an article that did about how many possible figures we have left to be announced. Lastly, we talk about the SDCC Toy Box TV live episode, that did NOT announce a new figure, just a small tease. We had a blast and are enjoying the count down to episode 100.

Inside Infinity 96 – Hololens and Howard the Duck

Jason joins me yet again this week. We had a fun conversation about Infinity this week. We start the week of with a Microsoft Hololens conversation. Hololens is an AR device that may be the perfect accessory for Disney Infinity. In a recent Engadget conversation, John Blackburn stated that Infinity may make perfect sense for a device like Hololens. This sparks a healthy conversation with Jason and I about AR’s applicability with Infinity. Next up we discuss some of the IP’s that Lucas Arts/Films has in it’s back catalog. IP’s such as Howard the Ducks, and Secrets of Monkey Island. Something Jason is very much a fan of. In an article with Polygon, John Blackburn, and John Vignocchi discuss the relevancy of these types of IP’s and that they are not off the table for future versions of Disney Infinity. It was a great conversation as we make our way to our 100th episode. We hope you enjoyed this weeks episode of the Inside Infinity Podcast.

Inside Infinity 95 – Toy Box Summit 2015

Lloyd joins me on this weeks episode. Since it’s been a while, I first asked his thoughts on Disney Infinity at E3. Other than that it was a relatively slow week in the world of Infinity. We discussed the merger of two of Disney’s Divisions, the Toys and Games Division. Next up we run down the Toy Box TV Live weekly recap which showed up the travel between different planets in the Twilight of the Republic play sets. We finally get a glimpse, albeit brief, of the Toy Box. We see General Grevious’s vehicle power disc, as well as the Tomorrowland sky and ground texture. Lastly the big news of the week, Disney finally announced this years Toy Box Summit. It was a fun show and great having Lloyd back on with me.

Inside Infinity 94 – The E3 Wrap Up

This week Jason and I wrap up the week of E3. We talk about the Disney Infinity Tournament, which opens up the door for many Disney Infinity Fans, and culminates on the Disney Dream Cruise ship for a 3 day cruise. We continue the talk of when we think the release date will be. We talk about the amazing Disney Infinity Tributes for both accomplished Toy Box Artist, and the Toy Box Mentors. Lastly, we run down the weekly Toy Box TV Live, which showed off even more of the Rise Against the Empire Play Set, and the one and only Darth Vader.

Inside Infinity 91 – Inside Out and Twilight of the Republic

So much news this week, it keeps Jason and busy. We start things off talking about a rumored release date for Disney Infinity 3.0. We continue discussing the Game Informer this week focusing on a very interesting video with John Blackburn talking about the difficulties of licensed games. We then break down this weeks Toy Box TV Live where they played live the Inside Out Play Set as well as the Twilight of the Republic Play Set.

Inside Infinity 89 – Lightsaber Combat and Toy Box Games

Jason and I run down the weekly news. Lots of info coming at us from Game Informer this week. We first talk about the two new Toy Box Games, Toy Box Speedway, and Toy Box Takeover. Next we talk about the combat improvements and show lightsaber fighting. After that we run down the recap of this weeks episode of Toy Box TV Live. It was a great show and we’re really enjoying all of the news as of late. Also check out our Patreon at

Inside Infinity 88 – Toy Box TV Live and more Game Informer

Jason and I run down the week in news. Riding high on the announcement of last week, we discuss the continued Game Informer coverage with a few new articles and a freshly minted video that we have also broken down. Next we talk about the long awaited Playstation vita version of Disney Infinity 2.0. And last but not least, we breakdown the recap of the first episode of Toy Box TV Live. It was a great show and we expect the news stream to just continue.

Inside Infinity 85 – Star Wars Celebration

An action packed round table show this week. Do you choose the path of the Jedi, or the Sith. Sarah and Steve C. join Logan, Jason and I this week and share their experience of Star Wars Celebration. Sarah and Steve give us their 1st hand experience of Star Wars Celebration both in photos and videos, and tell us what it was like on the show floor. It was a fun show and we hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned for future episodes where we focus on Star Wars.

Inside Infinity 84 – and Infinity Inquirer

We have a few topics to discuss in the news section this week. First up we discuss Disney Infinity partnering up with, to get young people interested in coding. Using assets from Disney Infinity, young people can learn the basics of coding. We also briefly discuss the Disneyland Project, Adventureland and Frontierland challenge and winners. We also show off a new site the DITV crew is working on. It was a great show.

Inside Infinity 82 – Star Wars Celebration and Toy Box Collaboration

This week is light on news so it’s a round table only. Pirate Steven joins Jason and I as we discuss the likelihood of Disney Infinity 3.0 being announced at Star Wars Celebration in just a couple of weeks. We also talk about our experience collaborating on Toy Boxes for the Adventureland/Frontierland Challenge, as well as some tips for you to collaborate on Toy Boxes. It was a fun show with great conversation.

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Inside Infinity 81 – Infinity on Mobile and NA Exclusive Power Disc

This week was busy. We talk briefly about this weeks releases of Loki and Falcon. We also talk about the confirmation and controversy of the last 2 power disc, also arriving this week. We also talk about an update to the iOS app which brought with it, controller support. Lastly we talk about a tweet which shows Disney Infinity 2.0 running on an Android device. It was a fun week with lots of news to talk about.

Inside Infinity 80 – Mulan in Infinity and the Final 2 Power Disc

Jason and I discuss lots of news this week. First up, it looks like we finally have a release date for the final two Powerdisc. The Ultimate Falcon disc, and Team-Up Captain Marvel disc, look to be released on March 24, along with the Loki and Falcon figures. We also talk about yet another custom Figure Case, this time it’s Captain America. Disney Infinity 2.0 was finally released for Windows 8. We also discussed the rumor that Mulan may be included in Disney Infinity 3.0. It was a great show with all of this and more.