Inside Infinity 98 – The Hyrdra Takeover

Somethings amiss on this weeks episode of the Inside Infinity Podcast. We have some technical difficulties that lead to a Hydra takeover. Our friends over at the Media Meltdown Mousecast run the show as a bit of an introduction for our new partnership. They run through their thoughts on the Ant Man movie. They also bring a little Media Meltdown flavor with a Top 5 countdown where all members of the team list their Top 5 Disney Park items that wish would get a Toy Box twist. We hope you enjoyed this abnormal show with special guest, as we count our way down to the special 100th episode. Also make sure you tweet at us, Facebook us, or call us and leave us a voicemail and we’ll play it live on next weeks episode. Send us your favorite moments of the last 100 and how long you’ve been listening. Can’t wait to see you on next weeks show.

Disney Infinity Theme Parks Episode 2

Steve C. and I are back at it again with Episode 2. In this episode we discuss a bit about opening day, and the initial presentation and tickets of Disneyland. We discuss the front gates, the Train Station, Main Street Vehicles, Walt’s apartment and more. Let us know what you think about this weeks show in the comments below.

Disney Infinity Theme Parks 01

Welcome to the latest addition of Disney Infinity TV. Steve C. and I embark on a new show combining two of our favorite things. The Disney Theme Parks and Disney Infinity. This first season is going to focus on parts of Disneyland. This first episode is an introduction to the show as well as essentially just the entrance of Disneyland. We hope you enjoy it, and comment to let us know what in this episode you’d want to see more of in Infinity.

Come back next week for episode 2.

Inside Infinity 76 – Trongate and The Disneyland Project

Jason and I are starting to get back into the longer form content. This week was filled with head scratchers, head bangers, and head bowers. We had good, bad, and ugly, and it sparked a healthy discussion. We talk briefly about the Target Stitch collectors edition releasing this week. We also talk about the Green Goblin patch. Next up we talk about the big news of a serialized story coming from the Toy Box Mentors soon. A series of Toy Boxes released on a schedule with a singular story arc. Next up, perhaps the biggest news of the week, Jason has another one of his famous rants about #Trongate! And last but not least we go in depth on the recently announced Disneyland Project.