Inside Infinity 76 – Trongate and The Disneyland Project

Jason and I are starting to get back into the longer form content. This week was filled with head scratchers, head bangers, and head bowers. We had good, bad, and ugly, and it sparked a healthy discussion. We talk briefly about the Target Stitch collectors edition releasing this week. We also talk about the Green Goblin patch. Next up we talk about the big news of a serialized story coming from the Toy Box Mentors soon. A series of Toy Boxes released on a schedule with a singular story arc. Next up, perhaps the biggest news of the week, Jason has another one of his famous rants about #Trongate! And last but not least we go in depth on the recently announced Disneyland Project.

Inside Infinity 74 – Ultimate Unlock and HoH Unlock

Steve C. joins me on this weeks show. We have a fun discussion about the weekly news. We talk about Green Goblins Glider coming in a patch in February. Next we talk about Disney Infinity 2.0 releasing this week on January 29th for iOS. After this it’s on to the spoils. First spoil is the Disney Originals 2.0 Hall of Heroes unlock. Lastly we discuss the Ultimate Unlock that was accidentally leaked in a officially released developer Toy Box. All this and more on episode 74 of the Inside Infinity podcast.

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Inside Infinity 72 – First of the Villians

Jason and I run down the weeks news and prepare for the new figure release. We discuss the Disney Infinity Chapter Books coming next month. A partnership with Random House Kids Publishing to create 2 new “stepping stone” reading books. We also discuss the new Toy Box Search feature on the official Disney Infinity website, under the community section. We also discuss how this opens up the door for crossplatform sharing of Toy Boxes. Lastly we discuss the weekly release of 3 new figures, Yondu, Ronan, and the Green Goblin.