Inside Infinity 97 – The 3.0 Release Date and D23

Jason and I have a blast this episode. We discuss the release date announcement. We also talk about our plans, along with those of Disney Infinity at D23. We speculate on an article that did about how many possible figures we have left to be announced. Lastly, we talk about the SDCC Toy Box TV live episode, that did NOT announce a new figure, just a small tease. We had a blast and are enjoying the count down to episode 100.

Inside Infinity 95 – Toy Box Summit 2015

Lloyd joins me on this weeks episode. Since it’s been a while, I first asked his thoughts on Disney Infinity at E3. Other than that it was a relatively slow week in the world of Infinity. We discussed the merger of two of Disney’s Divisions, the Toys and Games Division. Next up we run down the Toy Box TV Live weekly recap which showed up the travel between different planets in the Twilight of the Republic play sets. We finally get a glimpse, albeit brief, of the Toy Box. We see General Grevious’s vehicle power disc, as well as the Tomorrowland sky and ground texture. Lastly the big news of the week, Disney finally announced this years Toy Box Summit. It was a fun show and great having Lloyd back on with me.

Inside Infinity 93 – Disney Infinity E3 2015 News

We have a special guest on tonight. Cesar from joins us on tonights show to talk to us about the Inside Out E3 event, and E3 in general. He tells us about Disney Infinity 3.0 on the show floor including the Star Wars Figures and Play Sets. He also got us an exclusive interview with John Vignocchi, John Blackburn, and Brian Nelson from Disney Interactive. It was a great interview with lots of great info. We hope you enjoy this weeks E3 special.

Inside Infinity 91 – Inside Out and Twilight of the Republic

So much news this week, it keeps Jason and busy. We start things off talking about a rumored release date for Disney Infinity 3.0. We continue discussing the Game Informer this week focusing on a very interesting video with John Blackburn talking about the difficulties of licensed games. We then break down this weeks Toy Box TV Live where they played live the Inside Out Play Set as well as the Twilight of the Republic Play Set.

Inside Infinity 90 – 3.0 Space Combat and the Toy Box Hub

The news keeps flying fast, like an X-Wing chasing a Tie Fighter. Jason and I run down the weekly news which was a lot this week. We get a first look at the power disc pack and the first preview is of Tomorrowland disc. After that we discuss the Ne Game Informer video showcasing Space Flight in Disney Infinity 3.0. Next we talk about a series of FamilyGamerTV videos showing everything from the figures, to the new Toy Box Hub, Toy Box Takeover, and Toy Box Speedway. Lastly we discuss this weeks Toy Box TV Live. It was a great show all around.

Inside Infinity 89 – Lightsaber Combat and Toy Box Games

Jason and I run down the weekly news. Lots of info coming at us from Game Informer this week. We first talk about the two new Toy Box Games, Toy Box Speedway, and Toy Box Takeover. Next we talk about the combat improvements and show lightsaber fighting. After that we run down the recap of this weeks episode of Toy Box TV Live. It was a great show and we’re really enjoying all of the news as of late. Also check out our Patreon at

Inside Infinity 85 – Star Wars Celebration

An action packed round table show this week. Do you choose the path of the Jedi, or the Sith. Sarah and Steve C. join Logan, Jason and I this week and share their experience of Star Wars Celebration. Sarah and Steve give us their 1st hand experience of Star Wars Celebration both in photos and videos, and tell us what it was like on the show floor. It was a fun show and we hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned for future episodes where we focus on Star Wars.

Inside Infinity 84 – and Infinity Inquirer

We have a few topics to discuss in the news section this week. First up we discuss Disney Infinity partnering up with, to get young people interested in coding. Using assets from Disney Infinity, young people can learn the basics of coding. We also briefly discuss the Disneyland Project, Adventureland and Frontierland challenge and winners. We also show off a new site the DITV crew is working on. It was a great show.

Inside Infinity 74 – Ultimate Unlock and HoH Unlock

Steve C. joins me on this weeks show. We have a fun discussion about the weekly news. We talk about Green Goblins Glider coming in a patch in February. Next we talk about Disney Infinity 2.0 releasing this week on January 29th for iOS. After this it’s on to the spoils. First spoil is the Disney Originals 2.0 Hall of Heroes unlock. Lastly we discuss the Ultimate Unlock that was accidentally leaked in a officially released developer Toy Box. All this and more on episode 74 of the Inside Infinity podcast.

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