Inside Infinity 111 – Apple TV Demo and PC Release

It was a slow news week this week. Doesn’t mean we had any less of a good time. Lloyd and I have a general infinity conversation and then we discuss the news of the week. We talk about the demo release of the Apple TV version of Disney Infinity 3.0. We also talk about the long awaited release of the PC version of 3.0. Lastly we briefly talk about the weeks release of the Wave 3 figures. It was a good time, even though there was little news.

Inside Infinity 103 – The 3.0 Review Show Part 2

Jason and I finish up our Disney Infinity 3.0 review this week. We first talk about the updates and improvements to the Toy Box Interior including the Side Kick Rooms, and new interior decorations. After that, we focus on the 3.0 Toy Box and Jason gives his thoughts on items improved, and the work that still needs to be done in this area. It was a fun show, and great to finish our 3.0 review.

Inside Infinity 101 – The 3.0 Launch Primer

Jason and I have some very special guest on this weeks show. The community comes together to celebrate to soon-to-be launched Disney Infinity 3.0 Abe from and Jason from join us as we discuss their thoughts on the Disney Infinity Summit and D23. They also give us the run down of whats available at launch and where you can get it, as well as their launch day plans. It was such a fun show with great friends. We hope you enjoy it and are as excited about the games launch as we are.

Inside Infinity 100 – Toy Box Summit and D23 Recap

It was a long one this week but we had a lot to cover. We go through day by day, hour by hour of the Toy Box Summit with Pirate Steven leading the discussion. Logan gives his thoughts on being a member of the Summit audience as well. Sarah and Steve join us to tell us about Sarah’s participation in the INGames at D23, and we all discuss the fun we had at the D23 Expo, including the Disney Interactive panel which had a large focus on Disney Infinity. We talk about the exclusive D23 power disc and give our thoughts on it. Overall it was a great conversation and we hope you enjoy watching or listening, as much as we enjoyed talking about it.