Disney and Pop Culture Buff

Stephen, after being modeled out of lumpy clay, came to be as a fully formed adult male. Stephen has traveled all over this globe you call Earth. While trying to learn the culture he tries to adapt to, he has grown to love media in general. An avid movie watcher, he tows the line of being mainstream and hipster with little result. If TV were dirt he would be a Dyson. Trying to simulate a soul is hard, so he takes in all kinds of music from old school country to old school rap. He is a comic book fan and loves the stories foretold in these texts. He has a deep admiration for all things Disney and finds great joy in the realm of Walt Disney World. To share his experience on this planet, he podcasts them out into the universe. His wish is to conquer you all.... I mean to share his passions with you. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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