ToG #40 – Happy Birthday Anthony

Even though he was celebrating his birthday, Anthony joined us for another live recording of the Touch of Gaming podcast. We chat about a lot of high profile games that have come out over the last week, with a couple hitting the App Store while […]

ToG #39 – And the Robber Ran

We are back, and so is the ToG! Anthony and I get together to talk about some interesting new games announced for the iPhone including Mirror’s Edge and Song Summoner, talk about some great sources for Free and Cheap apps in December and even give […]

ToG #38 – This Old Joint

We’re back! Anthony and I get together to talk about all things App Store! In this episode we chat about some new games that will be coming out soon, and get to reviewin’ some others! We brought back the joint-review and are trying something new […]

ToG #37 – Reviews a Plenty

Another Week, another LIVE show! Anthony and I get together for an Epic show! Not only do we do five full game reviews, but we talk about a pile of new titles, sales and answer some listener Voicemails and Email! Thanks for all the contributions […]

ToG #35 – Spooky Treats

We are back with another episode of the ToG! It’s a crazy week, with TEN reviews and a CRAZY contest. Since this is our Halloween special we thought it would be a good idea to quickly run down our favorite spooky or Halloween themed games […]

ToG #34 – New Moon Tango

Did yah miss us!? 3 weeks in a row.. wow.. we must love you guys or something! Anthony and I are back to bring you news on all things iPhone and iPod Touch! In this episode we tackle the reviews of Real Racing, and Mystery […]

ToG #33 – Asphyxiated by the Cord

After a greatly accepted first episode of the ToGMini Anthony and I are back with another episode of the Touch of Gaming podcast! Hope you missed us! In this episode we tackle the reviews of Eyegore’s Eye Blast, StarPagga, and Backbreaker Football in this episode […]

ToG:Mini #01 – Dungeon Hunter

Welcome to the first ToG:Mini episode! These will be small podcast episodes that will help round out the coverage in the main Touch of Gaming podcast, only smaller. In this inaugural episode I give you my review of Dungeon Hunter! Play in new window […]

ToG #32 – We Start Anew!

We are back. After a huge extended vacation, the ToG is ready to rock your mobile gaming world. Joining me this week is Anthony Catanzaro, a long time listener and iPhone junkie. Please excuse the noise from his end this week, we are still working […]

ToG #30 – I Fell Out of Talking

We go a little retro in this episode with reviews of Space Invaders and Dig Dug Remix! If that’s not your thing, don’t worry, we also talk at length about all of the great new games that have hit the App Store and also review […]

ToG #29 – We Yell Because We Care

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! We are back with another exciting episode of the Touch of Gaming Podcast! Some technical difficulties forced us to try using Skype on iPhone to record, sadly things sort of broke up near the end of […]

ToG #28 – Flowers, Bugs and Guns

We are back and kicking it epic! While we vowed that we would start doing smaller episodes, the incredible volume of awesome games has forced this episode! In this episode we chat about some really awesome games that have come out recently including, SnakeGalaxy, Glyder, […]

ToG #27 – Fahgeddaboudit

This is another review heavy episode with reviews of Inspector Gadget, TNA Wrestling, a joint-review of Mafia Wars and a special preview of Toki Tori! We also talk about some newer released titles, talk about some price drops and even bring you some news! Hope […]