ToG #24 – Of GDC and Ducks

The Game Developers Conference (GDC you see) is on right now in San Fransisco, and the iPhone is blowing up! Not only have there been some great game announcements, but developers are singing the praises of our little portable handheld to all who will listen. […]

ToG #23 – 2 Fools No Class

After a short break to regain our breath from the epic shows, we are back with some ToG goodness for you to inject directly into your cerebellum. It’s been a big week for the iPhone platform with Apple announcing the 3.0 software release! Besides that […]

ToG #22 – Snowy New York Dreams

Welcome to another week of iPhone gaming goodness, the Touch of Gaming is back! We are here with another long episode covering all of the latest and greatest gaming goodness available on the App Store. Be sure to listen to this episode for your chance […]

ToG #21 – Review-A-Thon 2: The Return

We told yah we’d be back! Just a few short days after episode #20 we are back with another Review-A-Thon in which we bring you reviews of HeavyMach, Little Red Sled, Photo Puzzler, Dapple, The Quest, Pinball Dreams, iDracula, BurnBall, BlackOut: Lights Off and Vector […]

ToG #19 – Insert Witty Name Here

Better late then never right? We hope so! The ToG is back with another episode for your listening pleasure! Due to some craziness in real life, there was a delay in getting this episode posted. Either way this is sure to be a damn enjoyable […]

ToG SE#2 – Interview with John Kooistra

Welcome to the second Special Edition of the Touch of Gaming Podcast! I recently managed to sit down with John Kooistra, developer of Blue Attack! and Blue Defense!, to talk about his games. Don’t mind the audio quality, I was having some issues with the […]

ToG #18 – ToG goes a little iCasual

It’s Review-a-thon time again on the ToG! Michelle Lopez from joins us this week to talk about a few iCasual games that she’s been playing! Besides all of the reviews we also let you know about all the latest and greatest game releases form […]

ToG #17 – Stealing from the FBI

We love retrotastic games here at the Touch of Gaming, and that was the main focus of this episode! Rob joins me as always, but we have another special guest this week: Bryan from joins the ToG to talk about some games. In this […]

ToG #16 – Who Are You?

We went a little long in this episode of the ToG, we hope you’ll forgive us! In this episode we have not one but two contests that could net you some free App Store games! That makes up for the long episode a little bit […]

ToG #14 – A Festivus Miracle!

We are taking a break from the podcast until the new year but before we got together to do another Review-A-Rama episode of the podcast. In this episode Rob and Christian join me to talk about a dozen games that we’ve been playing! Since we […]

ToG #13 – You Will Die!

Told yah we’d be back! Welcome to the lucky #13 episode of the Touch of Gaming Podcast! Rob joins me this week to talk about all things in Apple Mobile gaming! In this episode we of course talk about all the latest and greatest releases […]