In this episode, Jared and Todd talk about a lot of game updates and industry news and the latest Humble Android/PC Bundle.

We then talk about the games we did not play.

And then the games we are playing.

Jared – Adventure Co. (Free, Foursaken Media, iOS/Android). Jared likes, but does not love, this party-based action game. There is some depth and fun here but it is not quite for him. Same goes for Todd. Worth checking out because there is a good game here for sure, but it might not be for everyone.

Jared – Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (Free, Square Enix, iOS/Android) Jared loved FF Record Keeper so he had high hopes for this one. Sadly they were dashed due to poor free to play mechanics and boring gameplay. This is not a keeper at all. Don’t bother with it and check out last year’s entry instead.

Todd – Neo Turf Masters ($2.99, iOS, dotEMU/SNK) vs. Eagle Fantasy Golf (Free, iOS, Aiming Inc.). 2 golf games on iOS. Neo Turf Masters is an old Neo Geo game and mixes arcade action with a tiny bit of golf sim all wrapped up in a 16 bit look. This game is retro and it shows, but it can still be fun. Worth it if you liked the game back in the day and/or want to (re)visit a classic. Eagle Fantasy Gold is a more modern take on the genre a la Hot Shots Golf. It has some fun elements but it is a bit too “free to play” at times. Nevertheless, it looks decent and plays well and is worth checking out if you are looking for some casual golfing fun with lots of stats and items you can equip and level up.

Jared – Shadowverse (Free, iOS, Cygames) – This CCG is very similar to Heartstone but it adds some twists of its own while also borrowing a few ideas from games like Sol Forge. It is a very solid title and has a nice single player campaign. Worth checking out if you are into the genre or are looking for a Hearthstone replacement. Recommended.

Jared – Smash Squad (Free, iOS, WG Cells Limited) – it looks like Jared has a new entry in his “3 Free to Play Games I am keeping on my device” list. He allows himself 3 Free to Play games at a time on his devices and this is now one of them. It reminds him a bit of Squids with its shuffleboard-esque battle mechanic and its art style/charm. Recommended!

Jared – Teeny Titans ($3.99, Cartoon Network, iOS/Android) – A fun little collect ‘em all squad battler based on the New Teen Titans cartoon. The collecting elements are great fun (sort of like picking out digital Amiibos) and so is the gameplay. Highly recommended for all ages!

Jared – Rodeo Stampede – Sky Zoo Safari (Free, Featherweight Games Pty Limited, iOS/Android) – Jared is really digging this game in the way Todd loved Crossy Road. Lots of challenge to be had. Fun animals to unlock. High scores to be chased. Just a great time overall and the free to play elements are not even noticeable. Highly recommended.

And that is all for the moment.

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