Welcome to the first of what will hopefully be a regular feature here on the Touch of Gaming Podcast, a Review-A-Thon! I pulled in two Games Are Evil staffers and we rocked out 10 game reviews! Podcast regular Rob LeFebre joins me along with podcast newbie Christian Arca, for one of the most epic episodes yet!

Did you like this new format? Think we should do these as regular shows (1 a month etc)? Please let us know! We’ll get back to the regular format for the next episode!



  • Lloyd Hannesson
  • Rob LeFebre
  • Christian Arca

Games Covered

  • LED Basketball – $.99
  • Soul Trapper – $6.99
  • Zombie Attack – $.99
  • Stellar Blaster – $2.99
  • Spin: The Silhouette Game – $4.99
  • Lemonade Stand – $.99
  • MazeFinger – FREE
  • Glyph – 1.99
  • AstraWare Sudoku – $4.99
  • Star Wars Force Unleashed – $7.99

One Comment

  1. Hey, thank you for another great episode after few weeks!
    I was actually going to mail you(Lloyd) to ask you if something happened?
    It’s a late answer but I got my Touch now so I am posting it here.
    You know how you said that no one would really buy iPhone to game, I got my touch to game and watch Angry Video Game Nerd Videos and I am throughly enjoying it.
    I do love those puzzle games such as Trace, Jelly Car, Trism, and puzzloop (and more!)
    They are all awesome, especially Trace and Jelly Car
    However I love some of those great games such as SMB, Pangea Greatnesses’s Galcon, Reign of Swords, Strategic Assault, and FIELD RUNNERS 1.1(and of course a whole whack more)
    So you can count me as a rare example but I think many more people are in the same condition from listening to you guys.
    I’ll wrap up my ramble and I just want to tell you that you guys are awesome and I love you guys! (Don’t get me wrong, I am a young man)
    I’ll be looking forward to the next podcast and Lloyd, I’ve listening to you guys since Episode #0 the genesis episode. DS Life #23(mastered all the old episodes)
    Wii spot #13(old episode too) and psp podcast #50
    (No old episodes because I can’t get them! I need archive!)
    When I started listening to you, I had iPod Classic 80GB and was searching podcast on iTunes, younger sister got her metalic pink Nintendogs Special edition ds which ended up as my Hendheld Worms Player (and some more games like Mario kart, EBA, Brother’s in Arms inspired by you and Edgar.)
    Started listening to Wii Spot After hearing few DS Life episodes without any Wii YET!
    And bought touch 2.1 to game after listening to touch of gaming on my Classic!
    I hammered on a lot more so a mere human being like me won’t disturb you GOD’s podcaating any more and if you ever read this comment I am honoured and humbled to tell Lloyd that I am living in Canada and to have a good night in Winnipeg time!

    Posted from my iPod
    DJ Lee

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