We have four great reviews for you guys this week, that’s right… four! We had to make up for missing a week some how! We hope that you all enjoy the show!


Show Notes

What We’re Playing

  • Lloyd: Simpsons, Tiny Thief, Chillaxian, Mikey Hooks
  • Jared: Delta-V Racing, Layton Brothers: Mystery Room, Girls Love Robots


  • Usain Bolt added to Temple Run 2
  • Founder of Bungie wants to reinvent shooters for iOS
  • Zynga.. having some problems


  • LLOYD: Tiny Thief – $2.99 ($0.99) – 5/5
  • LLOYD: Delta-V Racing – $1.99 – 4/5
  • JARED: Breach and Clear – $1.99 – 3/5
  • JARED: Freak Tower – FREE – 2/5

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