We have a great second show for you guys this week! In this episode Jared and I talk about what we are playing these days, and follow up with our reviews of the excellent Mikey Hooks and Wits and Wagers. This show is shorter than normal, hope you folks don’t mind that that we gave you two episodes this week! Have a great weekend and enjoy your iOS gaming!


Show Notes

What We’re Playing

  • Lloyd: rymdkapsel, The Drowning, Knightmare Tower, Color Zen, Dropchord
  • Jared: Mikey Hooks, Ravenmark: Mercenaries, Monster Crew


  • Short show, no news! Sorry!


  • LLOYD: Mikey Hooks – $1.99 – 5/5
  • JARED: Wits and Wagers Party – FREE – 4/5

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