This week I’m joined by a very special guest, my wife Cara! She joins me to talk about all things iOS.. well.. not really as there is a news drought, but we review 3 games for your listening pleasure! This week we review Plants vs Zombies 2, Pixel People and Nightmare Tower. Please let Cara know how much you enjoyed her return to the show by leaving a comment below!


Show Notes

What We’re Playing

  • Lloyd: Knightmare Tower, PvZ 2


  • Jungle Rumble mixing Patapon and Advance Wars?
  • Rovio working on a Cart racer – Angry Birds Go


  • JOINT-REVIEW: Nightmare Tower – $2.99 – 4/5
  • LLOYD: Plants vs. Zombies 2 – FREE – 5/5
  • CARA: Pixel People – FREE – 4/5

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