Welcome to the sesquicentennial episode of the Touch of Gaming podcast! Sasquachawha? Yeah.. I don’t get it either, but Jared assures me that it is in fact a real word! In this episode of the ToG we talk about the latest news including the EA + Apple spat, game controllers and announced sequels! We also review some great games, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 and Pocket Trains! Enjoy!


Show Notes

What We’re Playing

  • Lloyd: Angry Birds Star Wars 2, Shadowrun Returns, iOS7
  • Jared: Fading Fairytales, Football Seasons, Infinity Blade 3, Cavemania, Where’s My Water 2


  • PC Strategy Game Developer Stardock announces Stardock Mobile
  • Cut the Rope 2 is coming
  • Apple + EA spat
  • Shantae goes free on iOS as kickstarter nears funding
  • Logitech teasing it’s iOS Controller
  • Jared’s Extra Life


  • LLOYD: Disney Infinity Toy Box – FREE – 4/5
  • JARED: Joining Hands 2 – $2.99 – 5/5

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