We went a little long in this episode of the ToG, we hope you’ll forgive us! In this episode we have not one but two contests that could net you some free App Store games! That makes up for the long episode a little bit doesn’t it?

In this episode BretRob joins me, even after I screw up his name! Here’s a pro-tip for you budding podcasters out there, do not read while talking ;) We talk about some of the latest and greatest games that have come out, talk price drops, hit the news and even answer 3 emails sent in from you the listeners! Games reviews in this episode are The Creeps! and I Love Katamari. Of course, we also tell you about the two exciting contests we are running, details of those follow:

Contest 1 – Win yourself a copy of BurnBall!

To enter this contest simply email touchofgaming @ gmail.com with the subject line of BurnBall. In the body of your email tell us why you think the Evil Dr. Grey should be stopped. A winner will be selected at random on Tuesday January 20th, and will be contacted and announced in the next episode of the ToG! Promo codes are only usable in the US App Store, so you need to either be a US citizen or have a US iTunes account. Sorry all, it’s Apple’s limitation not ours!

Contest 2 – Win one of 16 copies of Mobile 1Up’s GW games

This is the big daddy, and you will ALL want to get in on this! mobile1Up has been generous enough to give us 4 copies of each of their games on the App Store, GW Fire, GW Octopus, GW Parachute and GW Chef.

There are two ways to enter this contest and all winners will be selected at random on Tuesday January 20th, and will be contacted and announced in the next episode of the ToG!

1. Comment on THIS post here on TouchofGaming.com! – We will award one lucky commenter with the Grand Prize consisting of one of each of the four Mobile 1UP titles. Secondly we will award four other lucky commenters with one promo code.

2. Follow the new Touch of Gaming Twitter account – http://twitter.com/TofG. We will select eight followers at random and award each of them with one promo code for one of the Mobile 1UP titles.

Again, all winners will be selected at random on Tuesday January 20th, and will be contacted and announced in the next episode of the ToG! Promo codes are only usable in the US App Store, so you need to either be a US citizen or have a US iTunes account. Sorry all, it’s Apple’s limitation not ours!

We hope you enjoy the contests, and even if you don’t win please support both Mobile 1UP and IMS Ltd on the Apple App Store!



  • Lloyd Hannesson – twitter
  • Rob LeFebvre – twitter

New Releases/Updates

    • 7 Cities TD Lite – FREE
    • DanceDanceRevolution S Lite – FREE
    • Pop Chill – $.99
    • Raptor Copter – $.99
    • Paper Pilot – $2.99
    • WordJong – $4.99
    • Rebel Onslaught – $4.99
    • Live Poker Deluxe 300K – $49.99
    • BurnBall – $.99

Facebook Contest Page

  • The Creeps! – $1.99 on sale ($4.99 otherwise)

Price Drops/Sales

  • MyModelTrain – Winter Edition – $4.99 -> $2.99
  • Skizzle – $1.99 -> $0.99
  • LEGO Batman: Gotham City Games – $5.99 -> $4.99
  • Hero of Sparta – $9.99 -> $5.99
  • Brothers in Arms Hour of Heroes $9.99 -> $5.99


  • Great Indie Bake-Off
  • @eamobile, @imangi both on twitter
  • @GrouchoDuke not-so-secret (not-so-gaming): Building a “Get Well Steve” app. Get well cards from iPhone devs to Steve…submitting it to Apple tomorrow.

Games Covered

  • The Creeps! $1.99 on sale $4.99 otherwise
  • I Love Katamari – $7.99


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  2. I loved the original game & watch games and would love to experience them again on my new ipod touch.

  3. 1 word. Unique. There are many podcasts about games and gaming, but this is the only one I have found that is about iphone and I ipod Touch gaming. Thank you for the show and the overview of great games.

  4. I used to get beat up by my older brothers whenever I used to want to play the old Game and Watch games as a kid. As a result, I missed out on many of these classic games. It would be great if I could play them at last, cause I’m bigger now and they don’t beat me up much anymore.
    By the way, your podcast is awesome. I would have no idea what games are good on the app store without your podcast. I’ve been a fan of every game I’ve downloaded based on your recommendations. Keep up the good work.

  5. Nicholas DeVoll

    I love this podcast. Just when I think there’s nothing left on the App store, this podcast tells me what there is. Plus, I love how this episode was an hour (I prefer 1 hour to 20 minutes.) Keep up the excellent work.

  6. Once again another awesome episode of TOG. I used to listen to DS Life weekly but, stopped when shelved my DS. Due to the price drop its finally time to pick up Hero Of Sparta. It looks like it be easily justified at 10 bucks but, I might as well get it while its 6. I’ll be picking The Creeps! too while I’m at it. Keep up the awesomeness guys.

  7. My 7-year-old boy has been playing through Mario Smash Bros. Brawl the last few months and unlocked just about every locked character on his own. He was confused about “Mr. Game and Watch”. I’d love to be able to s how him the GW games to show him what hand-held gaming was like when I was his age.

  8. When I was young, I used to find any excuse to wear six of the G&W watches at all times. I’d have them strapped two on each wrist and one on each ankle. I’d regularly wear the batteries down on a monthly basis.

    I still broke them out to play every so often, but when we moved to another state about two years ago, the movers lost/stole about half of our stuff and that was one of the many things I lost. I’d love to have them on my iPod Touch to take around with me again (without making me look like a freak with watches on his legs!). :)

  9. What a great episode! This is definitely my favorite iPhone app podcast. You guys always point me out to a great game. Actually, I have never played a classic Game and Watch game because I was into the N64 when growing up. I have always wanted to, though. And there’s no better way to do that than playing it on the go. Once again, love the podcasts, all of them, and wish you the best this year.

  10. Hey, enjoyed the show, because I’m a “serious gamer.”. ;-) And, I can use those game because,… just because. :D

  11. Love the podcast! I definitely love the longer episode. I wish they were all that way ;) I’m a big fan of the DS Life podcast, so I am glad to hear your thoughts on these apps.

    Count me in for the contests! That is so awesome that they’re releasing the Game & Watch games for the app store. Would love to give them a try.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  12. Nice to finally see the return of ToG and DSLife Podcasts! I would love to be entered in the contest Please :)

    I love your podcasts, keep up the good work!

  13. GW chef was the very first app that I bought for my ipod touch! Great podcast!

  14. Contest Entry and great job!

  15. Free is always better than paying for things. Plus i love games! Put them together and you got a contest that i can’t pass up!

  16. Wow, I’m excited hehe thanks for the great shows

  17. Hey great show! Lloyd I’ve been listening to your pod casts for a very long time, keep up the good work!

  18. I am a 52 year am gaming grandmother with 11 grandkids so if I win the games will get alot of play time

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