It’s Review-a-thon time again on the ToG! Michelle Lopez from joins us this week to talk about a few iCasual games that she’s been playing! Besides all of the reviews we also let you know about all the latest and greatest game releases form the past couple weeks and tell you about a new contest that we are running! Simply reply to this post to enter yourself to win a copy of The Creeps!, Blue Attack! or Blue Defense! I’ll be choosing winners at random over the next week.

In our review-a-thon we give you our thoughts on Blue Attack!, Blocked, Sneezies, Scrap, Iron Man and Yard Sale Hidden Treasures! I hope you enjoy this episode of the ToG, we’ll talk to you all soon!


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  2. am I entered yet? lol

  3. Hello Lloyd! Thanks for posting another GREAT episode.

    For a fourteen year old with $15dollar iTunes gift card your show is vey helpful!

    I am posting this on my iPod touch listening to your podcast and since I missed your last contest (thanks to my mom)

    I wish I could win the price but since I don’t have the details, I’ll post again to meet the criteria.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

    P.S. I miss you talking with Edgar and Cara on psp podcast but O well I got my touch!

  4. Great Podcast, but I miss Edgar. Count me in on the contest.

  5. 3 great titles to win in 1 contest? Plz, let me join! :)
    P.S. You rock. I don’t care which one of you guys reads that. You rock.

  6. Sorry for late response but after finishing the podcast I realized that I just had to post a comment!
    Silly me!

    I still have to say that you guys STONE!!!!!!!!!!

    Whatever that means……..

  7. I am an avid listener and this podcast causes me to spend a lot of money! I already have the creeps but I wouldn’t mind a copy of BLUE! Thanks for a great podcast! Virtual villagers at the much reduced price is not bad. Kind of like over simplified SimCity.

  8. So many iPhone gaming podcasts lately. I think I’ll subscribe to this one and pass on some of the other ones. Seriously I just don’t have that much of free time… ;-)

  9. I hope I am not to late to win! The podcast is great! Ben you would be wise to just subscribe to this one they do a great job!

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