Better late then never right? We hope so! The ToG is back with another episode for your listening pleasure! Due to some craziness in real life, there was a delay in getting this episode posted. Either way this is sure to be a damn enjoyable episode featuring reviews of Days of Thunder, Air Hockey, Blue Defense!, Fasix Cubix, Wordsworth and finally Mancala!

Due to the delay there will be no new episode this week, look for the next ToG to come out in the middle of next week! Enjoy the weekend everybody!


  1. Hello Lloyd,
    I am currently listening to your podcast right now.
    And I would like to play Days of Thunder because:
    1.I like racing games
    2.I was disappointed by Asphalt 4 although it was OK
    3.I am hoping to make a music racing game sometime
    4. but I’m 14 and I don’t have the fund to buy the iTunes gift card

    It’s still okay if I don’t get the app, I just love listening to you guys!

    P.S search mega 64 on youtube

  2. I love racing games and there are very few racing games on the app store.

  3. Hey Lloyd,
    Love the podcast, I’ve listened to every episode. i would like days of thunder because i love racing games, the burnout series are my favorite, and days of thunder sounds similar and looks awesome!

  4. Huh. Well, the biggest reasons would be:
    1) I like NASCAR(T symbol :))
    2) The price has gone up to $2.99, which is a little on my higher end.
    3) Who doesn’t like blowing up rivals to get their cars?
    4) Freeverse rocks.
    5) I can’t think of any more reasons off the top of my head.

    Rock on, Touch of Gaming!

  5. this game looks sweet. I don’t have a phony baloney sob story or anything, but I like playing iPhone games and it would be awesome to get this game.
    love the Podcast! keep em comin man :)

  6. Brian (Aramyth)

    We’ve been through daaays of thunderrrrr

  7. Brian (Aramyth)

    I want a code for Days of Thunder, but i’m canadian. With that being said, i want the code because…

    1) It’s Days of Thunder.
    2) It’s free.
    3) I’m not BSing my reasons.
    4) Balls

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