This week we talk about:

Dominations – Free, iOS and Android. Jared, and the jury are still out on this one.
Implosion – Never Lose Hope – $9.99 on iOS. Todd is really digging it so far! Seems to be worth its premium price.
Tiltagon – Free, iOS and Android. Todd finds it too hard, but that is the point. Recommended to try.
CivCrafter – Free, iOS and Android. Jared did not like it much.
Age of Wind 3 – Free, iOS and Android – Jared’s favorite of the games he talked about this week.
Spirit Lords – Free, iOS and Android. Todd is liking it but the jury is still out.
Marvel Mighty Heroes – Free, iOS and Android – Jared thinks it should be called Marvel Mighty Zeroes. Panned!
Flashout 2S – Free on Android. Todd thought it brought nothing to the Wipeout style game front. No go.

Thanks and Enjoy the show!

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