This week we talk about:

Halo – Spartan Assault. $5.99. iOS – Jared likes it but does not completely love it.
Crowntakers. $4.99 on iOS. $5.49 on Android. – Jared and Todd loved it.
Masters of the Masks. Free. iOS and Android – Jared likes it but needs more time with it.
Mega Drift. Free. iOS – Todd did not really like it very much.
Implosion – Never Lose Hope. $9.99. iOS – Todd loved it and reviewed it more fully than last week.

Space Marshals. $4.99. iOS and Android. Jared prefers it to Halo but needs more time with it.
Arcane Tower. $1.99. iOS. Todd sort of likes it but enjoys similar games more.
Spirit Lords. Free. iOS and Android. Todd plays a bit every day. 2 weeks running now.

Thanks and Enjoy the show!

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