This week we talk about:

Todd and Jared bot talked about:
MicRogue ($.99, iOS Crescent Moon Games). We both liked it; especially at its current price point. The game might be a bit “thin” overall and lacks some replayability as well as a scoring system/leaderboards.

Battledots ($.99, iOS and Android, Kloppe Media). We both liked this quite a bit. Jared liked it more than Todd but we both recommend grabbing it.

Bears Vs. Art (Free, Halfbrick, iOS and Android) – Jared is enjoying the classic Halfbrick polish and style that suffuses this game. Recommended.

Crystal Siege ($2.99 On Sale, iOS, FDG Entertainment). Jared thinks it brings some new elements to the Tower Defense genre and likes it; especially at its current sale price.

Marvel Future Fight (Free, Android & iOS, Netmarble). Todd is just starting with this one but likes its action RPG, Marvel universe setting so far.

Very quick mention of Rex Rocket ($1.99, iOS, Castle Pixel). We received the download code for this one and Todd is digging the game so far. This game has wit, depth, and challenge. He will report back on it in the coming weeks.

Very quick mention of Skatelander (Free, iOS, Underdog Gaming Private Limited). Crossy Road meets Endless Runner on a skateboard. Worth looking at but Todd needs more time with it to give a full rating.

Thanks and Enjoy the show!

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