Lloyd and Todd are back with another episode of the Touch of Gaming podcast! We have a great show for you all this week, we hope that you enjoy it! Jared will be back next episode for more mobile gaming talk!

Games we talked about in this episode include:


Enchanted Cave 2 ($2.99, iOS, Dustin Auxier)
Rex Rocket ($1.99, iOS, Castle Pixel)
Knights of Pen and Paper 2 ($4.99, iOS and Android, )
Marvel Future Fight (Free, Android & iOS, Netmarble)


Enchanted Cave 2 ($2.99, iOS, Dustin Auxier)
Lifeline ($2.99, iOS & Watch, 3 Minute Games)
Snake Rewind (FREE, iOS, Rumilus Design)
Anodia 2 (FREE, iOS & Android, CLM Games)

Thanks and Enjoy the show!


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