Jared is back! He makes his triumphant return after travelling the world and saving the galaxy, probably.

Games talked about in this episode include:

Todd and Jared both talked about:
Capitals – Free Word Battles (Free, iOS, Nimblebit). We both enjoy it and highly recommend it (but don’t play against Jared because he cheats)

Brickies – (free, iOS, Noodlecake). We both like it but we both need to spend some more time with it. Todd currently prefers Anodia 2 for this genre of game.

Other games:
Sword of Xolan – ($.99, iOS, Alper Sarikaya) – Todd really enjoys this fluid, well-controlling, fun platformer. 4.5 stars. Grab it!

Test Chamber (Free, iOS, M Le Krupa and T.J. Lee). Jared loves this mind-bending puzzler. Check it out.

Skiing Yeti Mountain (Free, iOS and Android, Featherweight Games). Todd loves this top down, pixel graphics ski racer. 4.5 stars out of 5…and if you spend the $2.99 to stop ads, 1/2 of the proceeds go to the Nepal Relief Fund.

Bad Dinos ($2.99, iOS, Insomniac Games). Jared likes this tower defense game so far but needs to play it more to give a full review. It does have some interesting tricks up its sleeve, but are those enough to make it stand out from a very tight TD pack?

Towering Oceans (Free, iOS, Zig Zag Zoom). Jared recommends steering clear of this Tiny Towers wannabe. Don’t download this.

Kindo ($1.99, iOS, Space Bears). Jared likes, but does not love, this simple strategy game. He will play it for a week or 2 more and report back but, as of now, this is a wait and see type of purchase.

Coup (Free, iOS, Banana and Co). Jared loves the social, interactive, bluff nature of the actual physical card game, and they do a great job translating the basics of the game to mobile, but it just falls flat when you cannot play live against other people. It’s not the port’s fault, it is the nature of the game itself – it basically demands you play it in the same room with other people. Pass.

And that is that. A long show. Welcome back Jared!


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