Games talked about in this episode include:

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions ($4.99, iOS, Activision) – Todd really enjoys it so far. Digging the MFI controller support too!

Desktop Dungeons ($9.99, iOS and Android, QCF Design) – Jared really likes it. He needs more time with it for a full review but he is thinking it might just be worth the purchase price. Stay tuned.

Hunger Quest Puzzle RPG (Free, iOS and Android, NHN Playart Corp.) – Todd thinks it is worth trying out. He needs a bit more time with it to see if the Freemium aspects get in the way.

Toysburg (Angry Mob Games, Free, iOS and Android) – Jared tried it and wanted to enjoy it…but no go. Not recommended.

Up You Go (Free, iOS, Bulkypix) – Todd likes it. Worth grabbing, playing for a day or a week, and then forgetting about it.

Beast Quest (Free, iOS and Android, Miniclip) – Jared sort of likes it but feels that you basically have to throw at least $4 at it to effectively progress in the game. Try before you buy for sure!

Cards and Castles (Free, iOS and Android, Bit Mass) – Jared really likes it. Todd has it but has not tried it yet. Grab it, mess around with the game, and make your own decision from there.

We also are both playing Capitals (Free, iOS, Nimblebit) still. New game invites are welcome.

Thanks…and until next week (and Episode #200!),


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