We aren’t misleading you with the title of this episode, your brain WILL be overloaded. So buckle up and prepare your eardrums for an hour of ToG App Store goodness!

In this episode we talk a pile about new titles that have hit the app store in the past couple of weeks, then follow it up with some great news for anyone who has an iPhone. Topics touched on include virtual pets, Id software gets angry, App Store social networks, Golf and award shows! You’ll also notice that the shownotes don’t show us giving you any reviews, we have so much great info to give you that we’ve decided to give you two shows this week! Look for episode #21 hitting the site in a couple of days! Yeah, we love you.

Finally some homework for you: Have you picked up any titles due to hearing us talk about them? If so, be sure to comment here saying that! We love to let the developers know how people found their games! We hope you enjoy this 1 hour epic ToG, look out for a Review-o-Rama coming out in a couple of days!


  1. Another great podcast guys and gal. I had a quick question for you. What is the best game you have played on the app store with a ‘retro’ feel to it? It can be any game as long as it has a retro feel in there somewhere.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Hello Lloyd and other folks.
    I have disabled my spellcheck function on the iPod touch so please bear with me.
    Once again, Thank you guys for making another great episode.
    I was pretty amazed by the length of the podcast first but now as I am seeing the shownotes, I get why.
    even though I had just started listening, I am already depressed by the number of all the games that’s out.
    But I already ran out of all my iTunes gift card!(despite my attempt to buy the cards from US [due to the deadly Canadian Tax] and setting my address as Oregon(No tax there!) I have ran out of all my total $75 gift cards! I just wish I hadn’t spent so much on Pangea lured by Lloyd)
    Thanks for informing me as well as depressing me :)
    I guess I should just stick with the lite version.
    I’ll come around again when I’m finished with the podcast.

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