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There’s a good chance Avernum 2: Crystal Souls will make it back to the iOS app store. Here is his insightful blog post.


Nubs’ Adventure (Free/$4.99 unlock, iOS & Android,iMakeGames) – Todd really loves this pixel MetroidVania platformer. Great look and feel.

Healer Quest (Rablo Games, Free with unlock $2.99, iOS and Android) – Jared likes it but feels it could offer more. Worth trying; for sure.

Angry Birds Fight! (Free, iOS & Android, Rovio) – Todd was not impressed. The Match 3 part is serviceable if forgettable while the “fight” segments are fairly useless and boring (and even annoying at times). Pass.

Triangulae ($1.99, Ricardo Fonseca, iOS) – Jared found this fun and serviceable; if a little on the easy side. A solid, if lackluster release. Worth trying. Good but not great.

Zen Pinball eSports edition (Free, iOS, Zen Studios). – using a tie-in with the Skillz service, gambling comes to the Zen Pinball world. The jury is out on this one; at least as far as the gambling is concerned, but you can play a little pinball for free if you want.

Blades of Brim (Free, iOS, SYBO) – Jared, echoing Todd from last week, really loves this behind the back endless runner. Highly recommended if you like the genre.


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